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CBD extract - FS +: a precious help to fall asleep!

Commander notre Extrait de CBD - FS+

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In order to have enough energy to carry out all the activities that are on your agenda for the day, sleeping well and giving your body enough rest to recharge is essential. Over the past few days, we have shared several articles on the subject of sleep. Stress is one of the main reasons why it is difficult to sleep peacefully. As we will see in this article, the benefits of cannabinoids have been demonstrated by several studies that mention their role in reducing stress. Our CBD extract - FS+ is a unique water-soluble extract made from CBD flowers grown in France.

The unique effectiveness of CBD:

CBD is a cannabinoid naturally found in hemp, a plant in the cannabis family. It is becoming increasingly known for its many body benefits. First of all, CBD is used to reduce anxiety and stress. ndeed, as shown in a 2017 study by two Brazilian researchers, it can help regulate levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, and promote feelings of calm and relaxation. CBD is also used to relieve some pain, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. To find out more about how to use CBD and when to use its benefits, read this article.

Our FS+, a unique water-soluble CBD extract:

Our Water Soluble CBD Extract is a unique product, carefully manufactured in our Laboratory, in Patay, France. This product is the result of a totally controlled value chain from cultivation to marketing, guaranteeing optimal quality at every stage of production. Our FS+ has a long shelf life and is a 100% natural & 100% French product. Its taste is faithful to that of hemp, offering an authentic & pleasant sensory and taste experience. Thanks to its water soluble formulation, its great strength, this product offers increased bioavailability, allowing for a more efficient and rapid absorption by the body. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

They tested it and they loved it!

Since its release in December 2022, we have already sold about 2000 single extracts and 1800 packs of 4 extracts for a total of about 10000 bottles! These figures show the satisfaction of our customers who have adopted our CBD - FS+ extract for its many benefits. Being less stressed allows you to sleep better, sleeping better allows you to be in great shape, being in great shape allows you to live fully! Our extract can therefore become your daily ally in maintaining or regaining the joy of living! Why not join our community of satisfied customers? Order our CBD - FS+ extract now.

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