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Discover the benefits of Niaouli essential oil!

Lait corps & mains à base de Niaouli !

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Essential oils, used in many cosmetic products and scent diffusers, are concentrated plant extracts. Their aromatic substances offer a natural solution for improving our well-being, thanks in particular to their therapeutic properties. In this article, we present the benefits of Niaouli essential oil!

What is Niaouli essential oil?

Extracted from Niaouli leaves, this essential oil comes from a tree in the myrtaceae family, native to Australia, New Caledonia and Madagascar. It is renowned for its ability to purify and cleanse. Its scent is similar to that of eucalyptus. Its scent is said to be earthy, herbaceous and stimulating, and it is also considered a substitute for lavender in its native country. All parts of the Niaouli tree can be used, with the leaves used to make the essential oil. The rest of the tree is mainly used to make honey, paper pulp and parquet flooring.

What are its benefits?

Niaouli essential oil, like many other essential oils, is considered to be a natural remedy that can have beneficial effects on both the body and the mind. What's more, this oil is considered a natural panacea thanks to its antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. Niaouli essential oil is naturally stimulating. When used in a body care formulation, the essential oil becomes a purifying ingredient. On the skin, it combats and treats acne, pimples and skin irritations. Finally, this oil can also be used for massage to relieve muscle and joint pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce discomfort and promote muscle relaxation. Incorporated into a massage oil, it offers real relief after physical exercise in the event of muscular tension.

What other uses are there?

Niaouli essential oil is used in many areas. In addition to the classic applications mentioned in the previous paragraph, it can be added to natural cleaning products because of its antibacterial properties. Other possible uses: as an ingredient in hair care products for hair growth or as a moisturising agent for your body. It can also be diffused into the air to purify the atmosphere in a home. Finally, it can be inhaled and is renowned for its therapeutic benefits, to improve well-being. It's worth remembering that essential oils should be used in moderation, and in certain dosages, as their concentration is very high.

Niaouli essential oil at Ecosystem Laboratoire?

In our range of cosmetic products, we offer you a Hand & Body Milk designed and manufactured using natural plant-based active ingredients, containing Niaouli essential oil and Yapana (grown by us in Reunion Island and Marie-Galante)! It's a 100% natural cosmetic! Our Milk is easy to apply to all skin types and leaves no oily film on your body. The presence of Niaouli essential oil in our formula leaves a pleasant scent on your body. Don't hesitate any longer and try our product to keep your skin moisturised all year round!

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